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Andiamo Group is a network of restaurants of various focuses. How did our group expand?

November 2008

Opening of the first Vicolo restaurant in the Atrium Optima Shopping Centre in Košice. The restaurant is focused on international cuisine.


December 2009

We opened our first fast food restaurant, Sedliacky dvor, in the Atrium Optima Shopping Centre in Košice. By offering fast food we wanted to provide our guests with the possibility of fast and relatively cheaper food, but of equally high quality and, of course, delicious.


November 2011

In the Aupark Shopping Centre, we opened our first Italian restaurant, Andiamo Pizza, and at the same time also the first Pilsner Urquell Pub,
offering the Pilsner tank beer and Czech cuisine, with the interior in the Pilsner Urquell Original Restaurant style.


November 2011

We have extended our network of fast food restaurants to the Aupark Shopping Centre, where we opened the Sedliacky dvor restaurant with Slovak cuisine and the Csarda restaurant with Hungarian cuisine.


November 2011

We decided to satisfy our customers’ demand and supplemented our business activities with a new one. We opened the Andiamo Gelato pastry shop offering our homemade ice cream.


November 2012

We transformed Csarda, the fast food restaurant offering Hungarian cuisine, into Andiamo Express, a unique Italian fast food restaurant, offering quick pasta, pizza, and pancakes.


August 2013

The Andiamo Gelato was extended with the ice cream shop on the ground floor of the  Aupark Shopping Centre in Košice.


January 2014

We expanded from Košice also to Prešov, where we opened the Andiamo Pizza, a sister restaurant of Andiamo in Košice.


August 2014

In Prešov, we opened a unique Pilsner Urquell Pub as the only pub in the town offering the Pilsner unpasteurised tank beer, traditional Czech cuisine, with the interior designed in the Pilsner Urquell Original Restaurant style.


April 2016

We introduced a new concept of a stylish confectioner's shop  Andiamo Caffe&Gelato at the Atrium Optima Shopping Centre. The confectioner's shop produces also home-made pastries, desserts, ice-cream, and ice lollies. All age groups appreciate our comfortable and cosy interior.


August 2016

The Andiamo Caffe&Gelato confectioner's shop, located in the Atrium Optima Shopping Centre, was extended. We opened a separate ice-cream stand outside the premises of the confectioner's shop.


Oktober 2017

In 2017, we expanded beyond the borders of Slovakia and opened our first operation in Prague under the name Andiamo Ristorante Pizzeria. This restaurant is a sister operation of our Košice and Prešov pizzerias Andiamo Pizza with the same concept.

November 2017

In the newly opened Eperia Prešov shopping center, we opened the Andiamo Pizza pizzeria, as a sister operation of the Košice and Prešov restaurants.

November 2017

In the Eperia Prešov shopping center, we also opened a completely new concept of the Prešov Šariš Pub with Šariš tank beer.

December 2017

We have expanded our concept of the Andiamo Caffe&Gelato confectionery to another Košice shopping center, Cassovia.

May 2022

In SC Aupark, a new "Fast Casual" bistro Chick'in has been added, in which our customers eat faster, but mainly with quality with service in a pleasant environment.